Of Death and Dying

from by One Won

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When I think of death and dying, I think of changing names
Moving to another country, to forget you did the same
I’d see you in the ocean blowing bubbles, like an aspect Aphrodite
Silly and so tragic, forgetting you would turn me into death

When I think of death and dying, I think of picking flowers
Make excuse to roam the country, just to find another hour
I’d keep all of our photos in a drawer, far away from the ones that you took with them
But the lot goes up in flames, the smell of heat replaces all we had

When I think of death and dying, I think of losing sleep
Listening to music, without you here by me
I’d be burning all your pictures by myself, they never did exist though
I’m such a liar, and wreck and thief and coward, I know

I see you you’re walking away with your love
With your back in the jacket that I never bought
I could talk from afar to you thought I’m not there
But the dreams with you in them are better than that

I see you already you keep showing up
You don’t have to say that I’m not being fair
I’m already sorry I’m stupid for writing
These words that won’t reach you I’m not even there

Stop it I see you a jewel in the sand
That I try to pick up but then shatters in hand
It cuts through my skin to start flowing my blood
I remember the feeling of dying again

Stop it I see you I already know
That you’re more than I could be and more than you show
I know they exist and I don’t have a soul
I never existed I don’t make a sound

No I don’t make a sound, I don’t make a sound


from Glass, released August 11, 2014



all rights reserved


One Won

hey i think this is dead forever lol sry

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